My Tribute Project (Help)

i can’t get the background pattern for main to appear, i coded this project in notepad++ then i copied it in codepen, it works fine in my computer, but for some reason the background pattern dosen’t appear in codepen, at first the pattern was for the body and when it didn’t work i changed it to main, but it still dosen’t work. can someone help me ?

Edit: All right, i fixed it thanks to the help i got.

The url for your background points to a file on your computer. You have to upload it to an image hosting site and enter that url.

Some image hosting sites:

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Complementing what Michael said. The image isn’t showing in Codepen because you also have the whole css between the <style> and </style> tag. Try removing it and see what happens,
By the way: That’s a great person to tribute, I love it!

P.D: Remember you can change the background size, if you want it to cover the entire site, or if you want it repeating or not. Like this
body { background: url("img_tree.gif") no-repeat fixed center; }

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Thank you I’ll try that

Thank you for the help :blush:

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No probs buddy.
If you ever need more help you can send me a message. I’ll do my best!

Good luck!

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