My Tribute project - please review and critique

Hello there well-seasoned campers.

Here is my tribute project. It is not perfect, but I’m eager to get moving on. I tried very hard to avoid custom CSS, but this proved nigh-impossible; I instead kept it relegated to the HTML document alone. Even though I largely failed at this task, it forced me to really research Bootstrap in a manner I most likely would’ve avoided otherwise.

Please be liberal with the feedback/criticism. I honestly could predict a lot of it at this point, but I want to get this out to y’all sooner than later. I didn’t spend too much time on the design aesthetic, preferring to try to get the code working.

In any event, here it is The Greatest Kid Ever

Well apart from the fact it is all a joke :rofl:, the style is pretty good.:sparkles:
The Learn nothing button doesn’t meet accessibility guidelines but I guess that’s part of the fun? :thinking:

Much obliged. The learn nothing button does go to Rocco Tripaldi’s blog, but in keeping with the theme of the tribute, it doesn’t illuminate much so I simply decided to be up front.

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