My Tribute Site on Cage The Elephants

I just got through building my first site and although it was really hard I think it turned out pretty well for my first. I’ve been learning this for about a week now and I learnt a lot of skills building this site. Tell me if there’s anything I should improve on and I’ll try to get it fixed.

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The page looks really nice, well done! You’re using my fav fonts :slight_smile:

Articles’ font is a bit difficult to read though especially near zebra-like image…or maybe it’s just me, and you could fix mobile version too

I tried to fix the mobile version and I even added multiple media query selectors to resize the text on smaller sizes but this site seems to just be broken on phones. I had a slide out nav bar that worked for a while but right at the end when I finished it broke and for some reason now on mobile it shows that you can swipe to the right to see the nav menu that is supposed to have overflow_x set to hidden and I’m not really able to figure out why the nav slider won’t work anymore. I’ve spent a lot of time on this and I think I’m going to abandon it lol at least I got most of the site done and the next site I build mobile is something I need to improve on. Also I have nearly 600 lines of CSS and it’s really unorgagnized so working to fix anything in this site is nearly impossible I’m going to try to be more neat next time.

Hey there,

awesome work! :clap:

My ideas:

  • great use of spacing!
  • I would add a small spacing below the about the band text to increase the visual break to the next section; I would also do this below the gallery
  • do you have a personal website? I would add it to the footer

There is a good trick for this: Start with the mobile site first.

If you start with the smallest size, you mostly start with a column layout, because smartphones are not very wide. If you increase the screen size, you probably only have to add some spacing to the left and right.

Thanks for the advice. This site I did it the opposite way starting with the desktop view and only adding mobile support as an afterthought. I didn’t even realize you could open dev tools and select mobile so the whole time I was developing I just dragged the screen size to the smallest width it would allow. I wanted to add a small space at that point next to about the band but when I added spacing it moved the background up and left a white space so I just left it out. I’m working on a new site now so I’ll try to correct my mistakes from this site on it. This one was my very first site I have ever done on my own so there were a lot of things I was still figuring out how to do.

Hello @astro_dev

Nice work! Your project is pretty amazing. Keep up the good work.