My Tribute to Ed Catmull

Here’s my Tribute to Ed Catmull!

An Feedback or Questions would be great!

Your page is very good! I love the font at the top for Ed Catmull’s name.

It’s easy to say “Oh Pixar, made that movie” but I have always found it interesting to learn more about the individual people in creative companies like Pixar or Apple.

I noticed:

  • you have an inline CSS for H1 and a CSS entry for H2, Was this just practice between the two ways to use CSS?
  • For your H2 you have some inline CSS, that stuff can also go into the CSS entry.
  • H2 ends up having 2 CSS elements for background. One explicitly white the other HEX #FAFAFA (grey)
  • I’m guessing he’s the Genius behind Pixar not the Genuine.
  • Your Container Div doesn’t include the top part of the page.

But these are all minor code aesthetics things, The page itself is completely functional and looks great!

Thanks @k3ntucky I’m glad you liked my first page special someone interested with the great people at great companies. It was really just to see what I can do and what I learned from the course but it works for the most part.

Ok I see what you mean I added a style in my html and in my CSS I also have a background which is grey its because I placed the white background as a place hold and probably forgot to delete it.

Honestly that wasn’t the only problem I had, I kept trying to add a border around H2 the col-xs-12 size but that didn’t work. Also I was trying to add a border around the image and text but I still can’t figure that out so I just decided to move on and work on my portfolio page.

How about you what kind of things have you done? How far are you in this course?

I’ve been messing around with web design stuff for the better part of two decade but nothing professional, Just messing around with HTML, CSS and Javascript basics. Didn’t decide to try and go pro until recently.

Just started the course and finished the tribute page:

Design-wise it’s basic, But I am happy with page at this point. Always time to polish it up later.