My Tribute to Robin Williams

Here is my first webpage! Thoughts/constructive criticism welcome! It’s done with custom CSS, not Boostrap. I’m completely new to coding so I wanted to make sure I get a good grasp on html and css before going any further. Robin Williams Tribute

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I like the colors you have chosen and the visual layout of the boxes and title. On my laptop screen (1366 x 768) just a small part of the photo (only displaying Robin William’s forehead) is visible. I think the photo should from either be entirely visible when the page loads or only visible after I start scrolling.

The list looks good but there are some entrie that are very short like “2005: Robots.” With some more text on those entries you’ll visually fill the page and also add more context.

Overall great job for a first web page.

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Nice work. I really like the color scheme you went with, and the blocky geometry of the page. Your anchor text for the “learn more” link needs to cover both words though! Right now only “more” is clickable.

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Thanks so much for the input! I imagine that is where Bootstrap would come in handy, automatically resizing the image and other elements? And yes, I agree it could be fleshed out a bit more. I’ll have to do a revision after studying up on Bootstrap a bit more.

Fixed it! Thank you!