My tribute to the designer of Helvetica -- of course I used Helvetica ;)

there’s not a lot to critique, but any feedback is welcome, especially if I missed anything in making it responsive

tribute to Max Miedinger

thanks for looking!

Nice idea and nice page!

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Nice page, but on my phone there is an issue - the photo is stretched too much horizontally and also the purple box does not fill the entire width of page - i can scroll it to right and see white background.

thanks for the feedback @Zuroslaw, I’ve tried to fix the image stretching

I can’t seem to reproduce the bug with the header not filling the page on my phone, so I’m not sure what to do there, but I’ve tweaked a few things that might help

I didnt look at the code, but now it works well.

Have you considered using Comic Sans font? :wink:

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