My Tribute to Thierry Henry

Hi to whoever sees this! This is what i have so far for my Tribute Project. Its the first time I’ve ever done any type of project without a tutorial so i’m sure I’ve got some coding wrong. Just looking for some feedback and or ideas.
Project link-

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Good job! That particular red and yellow are a little hard on the eyes, but red and yellow are generally a good choice.


Love the Tribute Page, my friend. Huge Arsenal and Henry fan. I live in the states and I got to watch him play one of his last MLS games before retiring. It was NY Red Bulls v. Chicago Fire. It’s truly something special to see the man at work.

Page looks great, as well. I’m new to FCC and will probably starting my Tribute Page this weekend. Not quite there yet. Thanks for sharing!

Nice one - stands out well!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replys guys! I’ll see if i can work out the colors a little better. Coder-talls–I’m also a massive Arsenal fan from the states. My fiance thinks i’m insane for getting up at 6am or earlier on a Saturday/Sunday to catch the matches lol. Lucky you, I wish i had a chance to see him or the team in person.

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