My Twitch TV API Project

Hey folks,
So to start the New Year off for me, I’ve completed the Twitch TV API project and would love some hands on it so I can submit it and put it to rest!

Here’s the codepen link: Twitch TV App

In the FCC project assignment, I liked the addition of radio buttons to filter out the different views, so I reproduced that in my project. I also included an extra radio button for errored out channels as well.
I’m using that workaround API call to provide actual live data, and that seems to be working ok for me. It hasn’t given me any problems. However, I’ve read that this workaround is finicky so I provided a button that instead uses the default json data that FCC suggests using to complete the project.

Any thoughts or suggestions are always welcomed.


[edit] I decided I wanted to blog my code journey and made that a priority heading into the new year, so I wrote a post on my project here: Twitch TV API project Part 1

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Nicely done! I like the fact that you can actually switch to the default json data.

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