My! What do you think?

It was challenging getting all the API calls to play along together and then, making it nice and pretty (opinions may vary :stuck_out_tongue: ). What do you think of it?

Hi, looks nice! One little thing: I would make the all/online/offline buttons to have a cursor: pointer on hover.

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I was just typing the same thing @BenGitter said :slight_smile: Very strange UX to click with selector.

Also checked your code. I didn’t know you can pass attributes to jQuery as an object. Looks so clean in comparison to one long concatenated string. Nice done :thumbsup:

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Yup, i like that way of creating new elements. Check more details here:

Creating New Elements

If a string is passed as the parameter to $(), jQuery examines the string to see if it looks like HTML (i.e., it starts with <tag … >). If not, the string is interpreted as a selector expression, as explained above. But if the string appears to be an HTML snippet, jQuery attempts to create new DOM elements as described by the HTML. Then a jQuery object is created and returned that refers to these elements.