My TwitchTV project works from my Cloud9 account ... for now

Due to the CodePen/TwitchTV sandboxed iframe issue, I could not get my TwitchTv project to work from CodePen. I was able, however, to get it to work from my Cloud9 account. I don’t know if the live-preview works forever from Cloud9, but as of today - Oct 18 2016 - it’s working. Try my link and let me now if it works or not. Thanks!

It works for me, but I think the free C9 accounts are turned off for a few hours per day. Another option is to use GitHub pages, but you’re only able to host one project at a time there.

Looks good, though!

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Exactly. That’s what I was wondering about. I have a paid account, though, so I hope it persists!
Thanks for checking it out!

Oh, and since I’m already hosting my website from GitHub pages, I’m assuming that THAT counts as my one project, right?


You can host many projects on github pages. I have most of my few projects on there. it’s a great choice for basic hosting requirements.

The only ones i don’t host are the ones that have to do without https to work, I leave those ones on codepen.


Oh, fantastic! I thought GitHub only allowed one. This completely changes the way I see GHPages. :thumbsup:

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yeh its great :slight_smile:

You can have one website, and multiple projects.

what that means is you can have one root site, and lots of So multiple pages really, but each one has its own repository.