My Unique Tribute Page

My Unique Tribute Page
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My first Free Code Camp Project.
start date: 04/16/2018
end date: 04/16/2018


Yes, It looks nice for your first project.


I would only suggest that you read a bit more about alt attribute usage:

After a couple minutes of reading, all your future projects will have perfect alt attributes.


Thanks so much. I really appreciate.


I suggest putting a title of what project you have done, instead of the link.


Thanks again. But I don’t really know where to write my User Story.
Can you help me?


I would say just before the caption and the timeline heading. Write a brief description/ user story explaining who the person is, some general things they have done/ what they are known for (cured cancer, etc).

Some things you can use:

<p> ... </p>

margin: 20px;