My version of Product Landing Page

I finally did it, I initially gave myself 6 hours for this one, but very soon realized I’m not gonna make it… In total it took me around 12 hours and I don’t want to spend more time on optimization.

A quick recap of things I personally wanted to try:

  1. CSS Logo glyph
  2. Icons carousel (that was actually harder than I thought I would be)
  3. CSS Grid
  4. Keyframe animation in CSS

A lot of stuff I wanted to add but will try out in the next projects

Let me know what do you guys think?

Excellent design! Congrats.

Really good page. I would only add background-repeat: no-repeat; to your .slide-container class to avoid having a background look like this:

on mobiles.

You also need to change height: 640px; to max-height: 640px; in the same class.

Happy coding.

Clean and beautiful design. It’s got work to do though. You have 3 user stories to cover yet (6,11 and 12) and some optimizations are requiered on the phone layout.

Other than that, great job.