My version of Show the Local Weather



  1. Config Panel, you can choose any kind of unit for the measures.
  2. Use of Localstorage.
  3. Detect location using HTML5 API or by IP

Please feedback

it’s working pretty well. Only thing is the design needs to be improved. And it is better if all the 7 days of week is displayed at the bottom, instead of 5 and also while hovering over the days, the the screen should display the temperature of that day, but the screen remains unchanged (it defies the very purpose of hovering).

All the best.

Thanks for the feed back, I’m going to think in your suggestion, but FYI you can edit the number of forecast days in the config menu (bottom right corner)

everything its working as it shoud. :+1:
the only thing i would change, if it was my app, its background-color: white; in future class. i would change it some kinda of light gray like: #eae4e4. orange hover looks nicer with shadows of gray

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