My version of Technical Documentation,

Hi campers,
I just finished my next project. Please check it out with this link and let me know what you think.

Thank you for your time,

I think you put a log of effort into this and it really shows!

Pet Peeve though: where are the vertical scroll bars? I need them so I can ignore the menu…

When viewing on mobile, once I click the menu to open it and select a link, it should hide all the nav options once it navigates to the selected section. It does not do that. Instead, the nav menu stays open and blocks 75% of the content shown in the navigated section. Also, as @hbar1st mentioned, there are no scroll bars to move up and down to try and see the content, so I have to manually click the menu button again to hide it and finally be able to see the content I selected.

Thank you for your feedback,
@hbar1st I just was thinking that’s a good idea to hide scrollbars,
however I see that was a mistake - I’ll put them back right away.

Yeah @RandellDawson I was aware about not hiding menu issue. I’m just a beginner and I can’t figure out yet how to fix that. I would be very grateful if you can give me some tips. You can find my Github repository under this link.

Thank you so much for your feedback - your opinion is really important to me.
I believe that’s the best way to learn on my own mistakes.


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Hi Marek,

This is a great page. Excellent design and I like what you’ve done with the mobile version.

My one critique might be the speed of the scrolling. At the moment, when you’re at the top of the page and click on “prefixing” it takes nearly 2 seconds to reach the bottom. The acceleration is cool, but a bit of speed might not go amiss. Can’t really fault it any further though. Great project!

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Hi Gerald,
Thank you for feedback. Yeah, I know this is a little bit fast but for this scrolling I’ve used scroll-behavior: smooth, where you can’t adjust scrolling speed. I believe this is jquery thing. I’m trying to stay with html/css as long as I’ll feel confident with them and then jump to JS:)

vertical scroll bar is back right now :slight_smile: