My version of the Local Weather App Project

Hello everyone,

I just finished my Local Weather App project. Here is the link: Local Weather App.

If you want to have a look a it. If you find something weird, let me know please :slight_smile:

Happy coding!

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If it wasn’t for that No Geolocation message every time it would be brilliant!

I forked and fixed it with an Ip lookup service:

I am learning Vue so I will inspect your code to see how you did it :+1:

Hi Johnny,

It happens to you all the time? Even if you give the site permission to get the location of your device? I tested it on several devices and it works.

The project was meant to use the device’s location, but I went a little further with that part. Only if you decline to give permission to access your location, the site gives you the chance to write down the name of your city, although that part is not very polished, as it only gets the first occurrence of that name and it also has to be the exact same name… :slight_smile:

If it didn’t ask you to give permission to your location, then I don’t really know what could have happened :thinking:

Thanks for your reply!

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That’s an interesting approach, indeed. The problem I see is the accuracy of the location. For example, in my phone and in my laptop it shows a location 1000km away from my town because it’s based on my IP address, so the weather is useless here.

Maybe I can mix both solutions…

Thank you!

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It’s cool. I love it.

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Thank you very much, geshasproject!

I changed my code. Got rid of the input (seems like a bad UX after all) showing a blinking text instead and used the IP location service as a fallback if the device location is not available or the user decided not to give access to it.

Thanks for your advice!

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De nada. Buena suerte :wink:

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