My version of the random quote machine project

I’d like to get some feedback on my random quote machine project. I posted this previously and literally got zero responses and its been a month so i figured i’d try again. It’s not really optimized for mobile so i’d suggest viewing it on a desktop for sure.

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Hahaha,… that’s so cool… great job!

Maybe you can make the windows draggable. Maybe improve the fonts so it’s more readable?
But overall, it’s very cool.

Thanks! I was going down that path but i felt like i was going down a long and dark rabbit hole and would just never stop or finish it, so one night i was just like THAT’s it, this is all im doing for right now lol.I haven’t messed around with the draggable feature at all so ill have to check it out. thnaks for the feedback though.

I agree with @owel, very cool approach!

If the windows were draggable that would certainly add to the overall experience, though I personally think the font works given the context.

You are definitely right to be wary of the rabbit hole, you could all to easily spend so long creating all the features/functionality to make it resemble windows more and more - but the quote generation part would stay be largely the same as it is now.

Should you choose to revisit it again in the future you could always recreate the look/feel of different OS’s


One thing you can improve, is the target area of the start menu links. For example:

If I click the blue area where the red arrow is, it does not open the readme. I need to click directly on the text “readme.txt” to make it work. You can improve that by attaching the click handlers to the <tr> element instead of to the <a> element.

Other than that, it is a very cool interface! :sunglasses:

DOH! good catch there! I’ll have to fix that up, appreciate the feedback.