My Very First One So EXCITING

This is fun guys, tell me what you think. when i analyzed the html it said there was something amiss. but i cant figure out why, everything seems to be working and it passed all the tests. anyway have a look and tell me what you think. hopefully it is not too basic.

I think it means that you can’t have a figcaption in a div, I personally used <p> tag.

Make sure to analyze your CSS as well:

Screenshot%20(43) Screenshot%20(42) Screenshot%20(41) Screenshot%20(40)

Not a bad page overall. I’d recommend creating a max width on the text. Eventually it looks very strung out since it stretches infinitely.

oh good idea thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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Wow! great job!
the only things you need to fix are:

  1. the image is really blurry. Try and find an HD one to put in your page.
  2. Your font is nice, but I think you should try Herculanum or Fantasy