My Very First Website, EVER!

Hi all, I just finished the Tribute Page challenge and would love some feedback! Started with coding a month ago and I really enjoy it :slight_smile:.

Please send me any messages if you want to talk!

My website:



It’s really nice:blush:

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Hi @kelvinfranke, it’s a nice looking page. Just a couple of suggestions;

  • don’t forget, the “alt” attribute is required for <img> elements
  • in the HTML of your tribute-text you have it divided into what looks like two paragraphs. It would read better on your page if you actually had that as two paragraphs.
  • whether you to that or not, it would read better (easier) if you aligned left rather than center
  • maybe make your tribute info a smaller section to match your timeline. Possibly the same color too…give it balance
  • revisit the section about applied accessibility. Wouldn’t it look, and read, better to say something like;
    Read more about Arnold’s incredible journey on his Wikipedia page
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Wow! nice job! really good for a first project!
The only things I need you to change is:

  1. I can’t see the image. Pleas get the right URL.
  2. Change the font to Optima or Avenir.
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