My weather app includes a couple of extra fun features

This project transformed over the course of the long hours that I worked on it–I started by using an IP API to get the location and then put that into a weather API, then I decided nah, I want it to work on phones, so then I scrapped that and used geolocation instead. A couple of fun functionalities:

  • If geolocation is not enabled, it’ll tell you that. It’ll also tell you to go to https:// if you’re not browsing over a secure connection.
  • 3-day future forecast with the icons, highs, lows, and chance of precipitation. If you look at it between 12am-6am, your forecast show later that day as the first day (so if it’s 4am on a Sunday, Sunday will still show up as the first day in the forecast).
  • I liked the look of having both F and C buttons, so I didn’t do the toggle feature. But when you click on one, all of the temperatures will change, so at least I have that going for me?

Comments, suggestions, and critiques are all welcome! I have a few things I wanted to include, but I’m tired of staring at it for the time being and I’m proud of what I’ve learned and accomplished, so it’s complete for now. :slight_smile:

You can find it here.


Really nice! One little thing: The main temperature display (the big number) doesn’t show if celsius or fahrenheit is selected. Maybe you can make for example the “C” brighter when celsius is selected and the “F” brighter when fahrenheit is selected. I know it is super obvious, because all the other temperatures do show the unit, but that’s also the reason why I thought it missed here (if that makes sense). Just needed something to complain about :wink: But it does look seriously good!

Haha thanks! I’ll make that change :slight_smile: there’s a couple of things I want to add, too, but after 20+ hours over a few days of working on it, I was done for the time being haha.

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That’s really beautiful.

Examples like these make me wanna go back and put some effort into the design of my front-end challenges.

Nice job! Beautifull app.

@JacksonBates - thank you! Other than the portfolio (which is the only one I’ve gone back to so far), this has probably been the project I’ve spent the most time on so far and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

@slimane2015 - thank you! :slight_smile:

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This is really well made! Nice! :thumbsup:
(REALLY?! 34 - 36 degrees C over the next days?!)

Thanks! And right? Every time I refreshed the page, I was always like, “That feels like temperature isn’t right, is it? checks Ugh.”