My Weather App isn't working on mobile devises or Safari (SOLVED)


can anyone help me figure out why my weather app isn’t working when using a mobile devise or Safari? Currently the app works fine when I load it from my laptop on Chrome & Firefox. However when I load the same page from a mobile or Safari (desktop version) it doesn’t work. As far as I can determine the problem is the API call isn’t working but I have no idea why it would behave differently from a mobile devise or Safari.

Here is the link to my app:

And here is the link my code:

Many thanks

@jimbomags Works here on Android Chrome. My only suggestion would be to add a media-query for the background image because it gets a bit squished horizontally. Otherwise, good work.

Thanks. yes i plan on doing that after I’ve solved this issue. That’s odd it’s worked for you. I have only tried loading the page from a Macbook or iPhone, maybe that has something to do with it?

I’ve solved the problem. The issue I believe was a cross browser problem with jQuery. A selector I was using for the radio buttons was working fine in Chrome and Firefox but was being flagged as a syntax error in Safari. So I changed the selector and now it’s working in Safari and on mobile devises.