My Weather Local Project

I finished my weather app.
I built it with React Hooks and SCSS.
any feedback is welcome, Thanks!.

url project

Hi! i just checked out your website and it looks great. The loading animation in particular was really well done however i would suggest you to maybe change its size or the opacity so it isnt quite as dominant on the page. You could also experiment with the speed settings.

The next thing is to have something show up on the page when the user denies the access to their location. The first time i opened up the website, being from IT my usual response it to deny the location permissions no matter the site and i did just that. The loading screen didn’t go away and for a minute i thought you were trying to ask feedback on the animation :laughing:

Hope this helped! :smiley:

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Hi!, Thank you for your feedback!.
I will work on them soon.

Hi Everybody!
I have updated my weather local app with all feedbacks.
any feedback is welcome!.

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