My Web Design Curriculum Projects

Hey everyone,

After completing my first project, the tribute page, I have now finished the other projects :
The product landing page
Not inspired on a product for this one. I liked toying with the navbar. I guess the responsiveness could be way better. It was my first time with media queries though :slight_smile:

Survey Form
Had to remember all the little details about input stuff in HTML

Technical Documentation
Weirdly enough this one was fun. Couldn’t make the footer overlap the fixed navbar.

The Porftolio
This one was…meh. I had trouble organizing my thoughts on what I wanted to do. I ended up starting over from the start. Understood fun stuff on grid. Tried to develop for small screen first.

Thanks in advance for any feedbacks.
It was really fun ! I will continue a little to work on HTML and CSS (on The Odin Project and some Frontend Mentor) to be more comfortable with this before starting Javascrip, if that makes sense ?

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@Lauric_Olrik, good job on the design.