My web development journey from November 2020 need advice

Hi freecodecamp community,
This is my journey or things I have done from November 2020.Please read and say what I did wrong or things I would have done better and advice for future.

October 2020— joined freecodecamp

November 2020–started responsive web design

18,November 2020-got-Responsive Web Design certificate

7,Feburary 2021-got-Javascript Algorithm and Data Structures certificate(3 months)

18,March 2021- finished Head First JavaScript Book(1 month)

24,march 2021–started JavaScript the definitive guide.

15,April 2021–stopped reading JavaScript the definitive guide. Its boring and doesn’t have examples to work. Started Eloquent JavaScript
As well as JavaScript projects.

may2021–got covid admitted to hospital…restart studying only in august!!!

1,september came to the new house, revised JavaScript headfirst book, did projects(50 day 50 project),started zero to expert JavaScript lectures(Jonas schmedtmann)

1,october started head first java, zero to expert JavaScript lectures, software engineering(lectures)(java bcs somebody said core-java with spring boot used in backend)

November-stopped head first java and 50 days 50 project and software engineering(lectures)

18/11/2021–Attended html/CSS/JavaScript 50 minute technical interview. Feed back–6/10 for JavaScript 2or 3/10 for html/CSS will update once I get full feedback.

24/11/2021–aim to complete html5/css3/JavaScript and react

html/css -Udemy course(Jonas schmedtmann)
JavaScript-finish zero to expert JavaScript(now at section 12–date, timer .total 19 section(around 32 hrs of video))
react-free YouTube videos next Udemy course(Maximilian Schwarzmüller)

Stop reading or following JavaScript courses, and start building your own projects and contribute to open source

thank you for reply. I will complete the zero to expert JavaScript course and do project.

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