My website hosted at SiteGround is giving me 500 errors

My practice website is I tried to update it with new content, but it keeps showing my old content. The things that I have learned about while trying to fix it are caches and permissions. But I haven’t come up with a solution. I’ve talked to SiteGround and they are not showing any errors on their side. They’ve cleared my cache from their end. I was told to ask a developer, so here I am.

What information should I add that would help you to see what is going on?

How are you trying to deploy?
A mistake I have done more than once myself is ftp uploading to a wrong folder. Many hosts uses by convention a folder called public_html but it can be different. More than once I have uploaded to the root or to a wrong subdomain folder and then sat there hitting Ctrl + F5 and nothing happened

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Yes. This was my problem. The third person that I talked to at SiteGround saw that I had an index.html directly in my public_html, but it should have been in my frickersolutions folder. I didn’t matter how many updates I put in my frickersolutions folder when it kept opening the one in public_html. That took days to find. Thanks so much for helping.