My Wells have RUINED my Jumbotron (and I'm very angry)

Hi guys! as you can tell from the title I am frustrated with the current state of my tribute page, I wanted to embed nice looking boxes(wells) into my Jumbotron, I was able to do that but the jumbotron stops and the wells extend out of the top. I have no idea what I did wrong Here is my code if anyone can help


I took a quick look at your HTML code. It doesn’t seem that you properly closed the first two div’s…The container and row classes are not closed.

And I did a quick look at and it shows that jumbotron containers are outside of the container divs. Your code has it opposite.

An easy way to check if the div’s are properly closed is to leave the cursor on it, and look for underlined and connected divs.

Good luck!

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right now your jumobtron is the entire page…which kind of defeats the purpose of the jumbotron as a header. What do you want the jumbotron to do specifically besides contain wells?

Can you start a new div for your container with wells after closing the jumbotron?