My whole works is gone

I can’t see my curriculum , my portfolio is gone, can some one tell me what’s going on please… Worked extra hard to get where i was…

Please please please, i need my works done back.

What exactly are you having trouble with? Are you unable to log in?

Thank U for responding…

I logged in to the forum and cannot find my curriculum and all works i have done, including my projects.

Your forum account is not linked with your freeCodeCamp account. It will not have any record of your projects.

Can U just tell me how to sign in to my curriculum, so i continue my work??

the curriculum can be found at and at
the forum is a different thing, you need a different account for the forum, this account is not connected in any way to the curriculum

logged in, but i cant see my works!!!

Where are you trying to look at your projects?

When i log in normally, when i go to my curriculum, i see my works i have done checked, and i can see my projects.

There have been some changes to the curriculum (now called ‘projects’) section of freeCodeCamp, but if you look at your profile, you should still see that you have the same certificates that you had before.

I can’t find anything, feels really bad, i have web design and it’s project done, Javascript Algorithm and Data Structure and it’s project done, and i am now on Front end Libraries, just traveled back to my home country signed in and find out all is gone…

Please help… It feels bad and hurt.

have you also changed computer? are you sure you are using the same log in method? you could have been using a different log in method, so now you could have two different accounts, one with your progresses, one without

Found out that signing in using a different browser than the one you were originally using before the update will show a blank curriculum (no ticks).

I have a dual boot laptop (Windows & Linux), I can access my current progress using Chrome in Windows but in Linux the same curriculum using Chrome comes back without ticks.

Hope it helps diagnose the cause.

All these are not helping me here, i can’t find my works, all gone, freecodecamp should hv ones account kept in one place, sign in , sign out…

Just confused and feel sad.

that is the future plan, to have one single account for both the forum and the learning platform

for now, we are trying to help you but you are not giving much details and not answering our questions.

so, are you sure you are using the same login method? when you log in do you see the same username you had before?