My wikipedia! please review



Works without any issues that I can see. I would have centered the results/search bar with margin : 0 auto; because it looks slightly off on mobile, but it’s still functional on both of my devices.

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It might be nice if you add functionality for search results to pop up when users hit the enter key on their key boards.

sure but i don’t know how to do that otherwise i surely would have done that. But i will figure it out. If you can help?

the good thing about this wiki app is that its work.

the less successful aspect of it is the UI/UX.

  • the background is pretty painful to look at. very low quality and stretch weirdly.
  • the font color and size are completely out of proportions.
  • there is a bug where i can click to open an article just above the “first result”.
  • should be scalable.
  • some footer or padding/margin on the button will be nice.
  • maybe center the search input and add some padding there as well.
  • would be nice to be able to search by pressing on enter.

good luck

The red text is a bit jarring and difficult to read; maybe try white text if you’re going to stick with that background? If that doesn’t show as much as you’d like you can also use the text-shadow property to make it stand out a bit more.

It’s looking really neat so far; keep up the good work!

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Check out jquery’s keypress event to learn how to add this functionality to your app. Good luck! Great start so far!

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Great start here!


  • Improve the mobile responsiveness
  • Would be amazing if I could search by pressing enter.
  • Color needs some tweaking to improve readability.

Awesome job so far~!:smile_cat:

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thank you for the suggestions. I am learning. and will surely apply your suggestions

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I believe that in a html form, hitting the “Enter” key (outside a textarea input) is the same than submitting the form. Making the search area a simple form, testing for form submission and not for click should do the trick.

Good job.