My Wikipedia Viewer-Brutal Feedback

I proudly present to you my wiki viewer, i was short of design inspiration for this project so i went for the design of the most popular search engine in the world-Google, hope i did justice to its design. Would really appreciate any kind of feedback, i would love to hear from you guys:)
Here’s the link –

very creative… I love it! Well done.

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Thank you for your kind words, i am a fan of well commented code, i believe if someone is reading my code he/she should be able to figure what i am trying to do easily without any hassle.Also about using flexbox, as soon as i got a good grip on using it, i tend to use it almost every time, and use bootstrap for only styling some elements just to save some time.

Now to answer your questions:

  1. Actually i had the “Random” button on my search results page as well at first, but when i saw how it rendered on my mobile view, i decided to remove it. For mobile view i had to decrease the width of the search input box along with fitting the random button, but it was looking quite congested and messy and then decided to do away with it. But as i am typing this i think i can include it with just some icon which symbolizes with “random” text instead of writing “random” as a text.(why didn’t i think of it before…:D)

  2. I am aware of that quirk, i don’t why the keypress event is behaving that way i.e not responding to the last letter as i type in, tried a few workarounds but i didn’t work as i expected, i need to dig a little deeper to solve this issue, so far i haven’t done that. I will do that asap as it gives a bad user experience. If you know how to solve this small but annoying issue,please let me know.

I really appreciate you taking time to provide your valuable feedback-Thanks

Thank you for your kind words…:slight_smile:

It worked like a charm.Thank you so much, i wasn’t aware of keyup() event.

I guess i have a lot to learn still, i am reading about this events and the minor differences between them now.