My Wikipedia Viewer, feedback appreciated :)

Hi everyone, here’s my wikipedia viewer. It’s fully responsive, the code functionality is pretty simple and straightforward.

Full Codepen View

Please tell me what you think! :slight_smile:


This is awesome OrrSun.
I tried searching few different topics and it worked flawless.

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absolutely flawless amazing work

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@Sacheec47 , @LawGaming Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
It took me hours of tinkering until I liked the result.
I really appreciate your feedback!

Wow! Amazing what a great job

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I like your concept how do I go about it?


Well, you can go about it like I did. For this one I focused on the design first because I already had an idea of what the functionality will look like, I played around with it without any JS, sort of a “mockup” of how the results will appear. I didn’t want to just append list items to a UL, so I made these colorful cards. I used bootstrap to make it responsive.
When I finally had a design that I liked, I implemented the JS and copy-pasted the card markup that I made earlier to the innerHTML editing part of the script and changed the title and body demo texts to the data received from the API. So instead of just appending a list item with a simple title and text, It’ll create a new div with classes for which I already wrote the CSS. After that it’s just a bit of playing around making sure the scripts work as intended and it’s done.