My Wikipedia Viewer - what do you think about it?

Hi friends! Here is my Wiki Viewer . What do you think about it, any suggestion?

Hey, looks nice. A few things.1. Maybe add cursor: pointer; to your search icon. 2. Pressing enter on search input will give a blank page

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I like it, the textbox animation is unique and eye-catching! The background is very fuzzy, have you thought about using a larger one? I am getting a horizontal scrollbar on mobile too. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for pointing on these mistakes.

Thank you, fixed horizontal scrollbar on mobile.

It’s random, not rendom.
I love the search box transformation. Unique and interesting. Not a fan of the background, though. As someone already said, it’s too fuzzy.

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Thank for feedback, have changed background.


That’s much better. Looks awesome now.

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