My WordPress Website responsiveness problem

My websites’ Mobile responsiveness ends a few days ago, I don’t know why and how my when I was editing some code in function for custom image size, Is there who can help me, please?

What is the URL? And what theme are you using? Try to reinstall may be you edit something no need. this the url in theme is valenti

And what you mean about responsiveness ends? Its do a break on mobile page.

which thing do i need to reinstall? and i have edited that part may be 3 months ago, at that time i just checked the computer version and close it but now i get to know that i did this crap!
please guide me any solution!

you can check my webiste on mobile , when you open it , You will find the problem automatically !

Is really breaks btw I not have mobile inspector to check what is the problem or try change to another theme!

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