My work in progress Weather App

Hello, looking for some feedback on the current state of my site please. I know it has a lot of niggling bugs but would like some user feedback so as I can focus on the main problems that you guys might find.

  • the pen does not work in the above box, please open the link *

On mobile using Chrome with data-saver on the location is not as the user would expect, so the site can be loaded using https:, which will use geoloaction to get the current weather but I have not found a good way to get the accurate town location.

Hey, no big problems.

2 things I noticed:

  • The weather icon is difficult to see (e.g. the mist icon)
  • There is no degree sign (°)

Thanks for you feedback Ben.

I like it. I wished I could have figured out how to put the cloudy sky as my body background. never could figure it out.