My work is gone! (Although my progress, fortunately, is still there)

Go to view curriculum and it looks like they split up some of sections

@Aviage-01 yes I logged in today and to my surprise everything had changed on the website.

Your progress is still there, it’s just under “learn” and go to the last exercise.

I really am not a fan of the new layout so far-extra clicking to get around things seem unclear. Additionally the exercises pages are missing hyperlinks to suggested documentation like the MDN website. :frowning:

They are working on a method to download all your code previously stored on however it’s not live at the moment so only progress is saved from the old site currently.

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I went to the exercise where I had done the work, but it was all gone. I had already written a program to find primes, although I hadn’t yet gotten it to sum them.

Is that different from the last last exercise?

@AlexandrewM as well:
Also, I know that my progress is still there. It’s the code I typed that I am looking for.
Fortunately the challenges that I spent so much time on are OK, because they are on CodePen.

Also, I know that my progress is still there. It’s the code I typed that I am looking for.
Fortunately the challenges that I spent so much time on are OK, because they are on CodePen.

The freeCodeCamp team has been working on this update for about 2 years. Please see the official thread for more details about what has happened: 10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now


Ah I see-sorry to hear you lost it. Good that you have it saved on Codepen-I have mine on :slight_smile:

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Try and then go to Explore the curriculum

Let me try and help out, because the statement “my work is gone” is rather vague and can mean many different things.There are two different types of saved progress for Free Code Camp: your profile and your browser cache.

Your completed challenges are all saved to your account in the FCC database. You can see the list of completed challenges and also the last submitted solutions by looking at your profile page. When the update happened you have not lost any of your completed challenges or projects. They are available on your profile to view.

Your current challenge progress is saved in your browser’s local storage. It appears with this update that the map no longer exists. Keep in mind, the map was stored in local storage too, so if you cleared your cache, your last solution would not load in the map. If you are changing browsers or clearing your cache regularly you’ll have to use the new explore area to navigate to your next challenge. Especially as you get to more complicated challenges that may take multiple sessions, I strongly recommend saving your in-progress work outside of the browser cache. This is a good opportunity to learn the ins and outs of your GitHub account, but you can also just save locally or use a service like which allows for versioning. With the new update, your current progress in local storage may have been lost. Sorry for any inconvenience, I know that’s aggravating, but there’s not much that can be done.

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Thanks for that, but it’s not just my current challenge that’s been lost. Every character I typed in challenges in FCC, say, my Falsy Bouncer, is gone - is that ALL stored in the browser cache?
Also, I haven’t cleared my cache, so would it be possible to dive into my Chrome and somehow retrieve the code?

PS, is that a better title?

No, if you completed and passed the challenge, your solution should be available on your profile. I can double check, but if you passed the challenge, it should be saved to the database.

I’m seeing the same issue.

I’ve completed and passed challenges/projects about until about half through the intermediate algorithms. I’ve viewed the challenges from both my portfolio page and from the new url. In both cases, it says that the challenge has been completed, but the code is not there. The work is gone, but the progress is still there.

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Ah! Thanks for that. I’ve now found at least SOME of the work, even thought most of it is still missing.
However, when I click on the link to go to one of my challenges, it opens a blank page, and when I go to those challenges, it shows me the original code.

Also, even with challenges I’ve done since the update, they aren’t keeping what I’ve done. For instance, I went back and did the Hello World in HTML challenge, but when I go back and check on that now, it’s still showing the starting code.

Things are definitely still buggy. Keep in mind, the entire platform was built from the ground up in React I believe. I can’t login for anything right now. Driving me crazy.

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It looks like the ability to access previous solutions from the portfolio page is one of the areas that still needs work. The first HTML challenge is not getting marked as completed for anyone. Go ahead and jump to another challenge and ignore this one for now.

Thank you for your reply.

Change is good… eventually.

First HTML section has new code lessons, but they won’t accept valid solutions. No way to progress. This could be off-putting to your newest recruits as these are the first lessons they will attempt…
New HTML section will not let me copy blocks of text. I like to move text and code samples by copy/paste. This eliminates spelling mistakes & other errors.

@IsaacAbrahamson @jawaka72 @ahmunre
Well, it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one having this issue…


I also tried this with the HTML5 elements page, which also didn’t save my work.


Welcome! I hope it helps!


I might quit this for now, and work on something in CodePen. I’ll be back tomorrow to see if stuff’s working better.

Sounds like a good idea. To be honest, once I heard that the new update was coming out (a little over a year ago) I stopped work on most freeCodeCamp stuff until I knew things were settled down.

My progress is there, but the code is not the same. Also, don’t seem to have settings for my account anymore.

The settings page is accessed from the top-right corner. If the settings that you are talking about is the dark theme, that just hasn’t been implemented yet.