Mysterious Links Archive!

A page to add any mysterious links you know.

The page checks and validates if URL is correct. If it is, link gets added in the archive.



Could you probally get rid of the alert() and replace with an onscreen notification?

Btw, see if you can expand this to a full functional app.

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Really love the new UI.

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Just a few minor nit-picky things:

  • Set the height on the submit button in ‘em’. When you increase the text size the ‘Submit’ text gets cut-off.
  • The placeholder text shouldn’t just basically repeat the label text. It should give an example or hint of what you want the user to type in there (e.g. Also, the color is so light you can barely see it.
  • The keyboard focus indicator on the links is almost non-existent. You should make it more obvious so that keyboard users know where the focus currently is at.
  • <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no" /> This is a big no-no. Do not set user-scalable to ‘no’. Just get rid of it completely.
  • ‘Dark Internet’ should be an <h1>. You should always have at least an <h1> header on your page.
  • I know it may not seem like a problem, but the light green text on white background does not have enough color contrast to be accessible. You can check your contrast levels at
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Is there a computer in the world that has enough RAM to store that list :grinning:

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Where are you storing the data?? Is there a database backend or an API?