Mystery code appeared in JavaScript Cash Register project

Apologies if this should go somewhere else, but honestly not sure whether this directly ties to the project itself, a general support issue, or something weird I did.

The upshot is that when I logged in this morning to resume work on the Cash Register Project, I found a bit of code in the script.js file that I know I didn’t put there (I had built out my html/css and run preliminary tests to check the first 3 test results–see below for theory/question-- but left the script work for today).
I’m sorry I didn’t copy the mystery code before deleting, but my memory from a quick scan is that was something like what you might expect for a start to that project, i.e., a couple of ‘let’s for price and cid, with a 2D array of denominations and amounts for the cid.
I did scan the forums and github for any activity that might explain it, and of course, looked through my computer’s security (would be weird to be hacked to take advantage of freeCodeCamp, it seems). Thinking about the back-end code needed to test folks’ projects, part of me is wondering if some of that testing code sort of ‘leaked’ into my file or something on the github side somehow did, but that all seems sort of unlikely, too.

Sorry if this is a really obvious / silly question, and much thanks to all!!

Thanks, JeremyLT! Glad to know I wasn’t somehow just seeing/spacing things.
This is my first time raising anything through the forum, so thanks for taking/running with it!