Nassau Bahamas Tribute

Check out my tribute page, let me know what you guys think pls.

Wow this is amazing. How long have you been learning html and css because this looks so good.

The Whole thing was great! But there are still some unlikely issues which I know you can solve! I bet you have enough knowledge about HTML and CSS, however, do you see that horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the screen? Yeah! That is totally not good! Although your images are fit to center, you should get rid of that! Your images are completely fluid and responsive but i bet you have noticed that font of your title starts to overflow the viewport as you decrease the screen’s size! Overall! Its cool! Bahamas really is a great place! And anyways? Job well done!

Great work!

One thing that caught my eye was your links; ‘For more information click here.’ I think should be treated as a sentence with the words ‘click’ and ‘here’ not capitalised. At least that’s what I think :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback, i started learning from freecodecamp last year but i never got to finish so im still fairly new at it.

Thanks man, i appreciate your feedback. Yeh, im gonna fix that title so that it is responsive.

Hey Paul, thanks for your feedback, i think ima take your suggestion. Peace bro.