Natural time format check with regex

Hello campers
I am trying to check where an input is in natural time format i.e December 20, 2016

var regx=  new RegExp('/^[a-zA-Z]+\s?\d{2},\s?\d+$/gi');
regx.test('December 16, 2015')

my test result is coming false . What wront did I do?

running your regular expression yields a match

I am assuming you are using Javascript and the error you are having is that you do not need single quotes surrounding your regular expression.


var regx=  new RegExp(/^[a-zA-Z]+\s?\d{2},\s?\d+$/gi);
regx.test('December 16, 2015') <-- returns true

I would argue that you can limit the last part of your regular expression to 4 digits instead of +.

Hope that helps

Thank you for checking through my code.
Those are 4 digits are for this just few millenniums and after that if my code does not work I don’t care :stuck_out_tongue: