Nav Bar... Can't figure out what's wrong!(Product Landing Page)

HI! I’m working on my Product Landing Page and can’t figure out what’s wrong with my nav bar. Something’s definitely off cause not only it’s not passing the challenge, but the id isn’t getting the different colors that it should in the code but i can’t put my finger on what’s wrong! (I’m talking about tasks 3 and 4! Haven’t attempted 5 yet)
Here’s my code!

PS: Please don’t judge the aesthetics of my page, i’ll improve on that later on!

EDIT: SOLVED! Thank you!

Hey !
Basic mistake, you forgot to close your tag !
Look here :slight_smile: <img id="header-img" src= " " <-- right here, the closing “>” is missing ^^

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THANK YOU! i really need to learn to catch those

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No problem, I used to make this mistake like EVERYTIME x)

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happy to hear one does indeed get better!!! happy coding to you!

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Well, by dint of making mistakes, when your code doesn’t work, you’re like “Okay, what did I do this time ? Forgot quotes ? A letter ?” x) Happy coding :slight_smile:

In the upper right corner of your codepen HTML panel, there’s a dropdown menu where you can, amongst other stuff, let codepen analyse your HTML. It’ll highlight syntax errors such as a missing closing tag etc for you (saves time and nerves).