Nav failing on technical document

My nav is failing on my technical document but it’s functioning like it should. Is it not looking for position: fixed; or is it because I don’t have a @media set up to be more responsive?

Which browser are you running the test on?

im using good chrome

Hmm… Can you share what test is failing?

When I run your codepen it is passing all tests.

Oh, I see.

You need to run the tests after expanding the viewport. Either drag the code editor to take up less of the screen, or select the button on the top (Next to settings) and change the layout such that the code editor is on the top.

It is failing since, it’s looking for what part of the viewport the nav is taking, and on smaller screen it thinks it’s taking up a large portion of the screen.

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Ahhhh I gotcha. It worked. I have like 70% of my screen for my vscode and the other 30% for chrome so that makes sense. Thank you for your help!

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