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  1. It’s a mess. I can’t find or figure out how to have my nav headers link to a specific Amazon or other web page? You will see I have the info, but it writes or lists the web page instead of taking you to it.

  2. Can’t decide which is better for listing my nav bars and links. Use <ul> <li> or <a> class??? Not sure I even know enough to ask, but my research has left me confused.

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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  1. If we’re speaking specifically to the landing page project, we do not want the nav-bar linking us to another site, but to elsewhere on the page. Scroll down to the in-page navigation here and you’ll learn you need to be using a “#”.

  2. I’m also confused about this, so know you’re not alone.

Thank you. If I click in the “paste code” section does that not work? Or am I not doing that copy paste correctly?

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Hi @juliakajill and @KnownHeretic!

This how to create the nav bar for the product page.

In your navbar you need to create a links that will correspond to different sections on the page.

In those different sections you need to have ids that correspond with those links in the navbar.

The user should be able to click on the links and it should go to those respective sections on the page.