Nav problem with top of the viewport and media query

hello Campers,

I have problem with nav… again That’s my final layout of this project, but I can’t fixed position of the navbar. I’ve tried to put to #header #nav #header-img. I think, its something wrong with the header img, as when I write code there, nav just disappear, but everything is in correct class and containers, so I can’t see the issue unfortunately Also can somebody give me advice about, how to set up properly media query please.

Hey! I don’t know how to make it grab the nav bar on the way down but the way I got mine to stick to the top of the page while scrolling was to add

position: fixed;
top: 0px;

to my navbar. I think making it “sticky” might require script outside of just html and css, as i don’t know of anything in these two that let you make it responsive to how far the user has scrolled. I’m only a beginner so I’m not super qualified to answer outside of the first unit but that was my experience. Hope it helps a little!