Navbar and Anchor points not playing well together

When jumping anchor location within the same page, my headings are hidden by my navbar. Ideally I would like my “jump spots” to actually have my headings displayed just under the navbar. Also when returning home, the main H1 heading is hidden also…

It seems I need to offset the anchor locations but I tried for a couple of hours now a number of ways to acheive this with no success. Can someone please help?

Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

Link to the challenge:

hi @Wahzammo

i used to set the target attribute with scroll-margin-top

like this example in CSS:

#home { scroll-margin-top: 5em; }

so it would give some space when jump to the target.

and you might have to fixed your HTML coding errors. i.e: your home id value should in double quotation. id="home"

hope that help a bit