Navbar button not working

Hi! Tried all day yesterday to try to get this to work with lots of searching but I can’t fix it.

Can anyone see why the navbar button isn’t working? Help much appreciated!

It seems to be working for me. What’s not working for you?

Strange. When I click the button, it doesn’t work (the list items remain hidden)

It will navigate for me as well. However, I recommend changing the navbar class from navbar-static-top to navbar-fixed-top. Doing so will make it so the navbar stays at the top of the screen.

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Thanks for the feedback! I eventually got it working for me by put the CSS calls and javascript elements in the correct place.

Yeah! Good idea! I was thinking the same thing. Now I’m working on having that without it cutting off the top of the page in a way that it stays the same whatever the screen size is.