NavBar covers text when link clicked

It’s not working. It worked earlier but,
So my when you click one of the links in the navbar, suddenly the navbar overlaps the text so you can’t see the text… and I have no clue why. Please just help. Its only happens when you click on one of the links in the navbar.
OH and here it is. please help me

What I’m not entirely sure of is, why your main content area (main id=“main-doc”) is absolutely positioned?
You’ve taken the main content out of the flow of the document, and in addition, overlaid the fixed position navigation.
If you remove the fixed position on main-doc, then it should flow as expected.

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That fixed the text going under the navbar however, you can’t see all of the text at once now, and if you remove the scroll bar at the bottom you won’t be able to see the text in the webpage, the link is here.

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