Navbar horizontal view of btn

Hi guys!

I have a problem. I’m dealing with portfolio and btn align in navbar.

As you can see here everything is in order from left to right:

But when I use this code, buttons are listed like form:

How can I decide which button should be where.

For example I’d like to Websitename have on the left and rest of button on the right.

Thanks for help!

Hey it was appearing that way because you had added both bootstrap 3 and 4 versions under quick adds .you are supposed to use only one version and the classes that you have used in your code come under bootstrap 3 so take off the bootstrap4 link and it will look fine then.


Ok, so next question: how to align buttons equal to photo on any device? I tried padding and margin in % but I can’t fing solution.


Hi, You can use the button tag in your css or create a new class or id whatever you like to control the button. You can use padding or margin for button to align with Image.

I did smoething like that. On my laptop it look great, but on my 20 inch monitor not so much. I used % instead of px.

I still don’t know how get the same effect of nabar menu for mobile view. As you can see I’m trying to make similar navbar like in ecersise:

But when I change view to mobile in my project I have toggle button but dropdown doesn’t appear, button “Bigger Me” is the same width as screen as the rest of the menu.

Can you help me and step-by-step say what I am doing wrong?

I would be also gratefull for showing me, how can I align buttons so they would be on the same level as img in every device (tablet, desktop and mobile).