Navbar is with different padding in new page with same code?

I am applying the navbar style to other pages and then when I copied the code of navbar from Home to different pages it wasn’t the same because some of the menus are with different padding and margin and the code for all navbar pages is same as Home.html
Also cannot add more than 2 links as a newbie but you can merge link and see other links



Features.html codepen .io/beh4r/pen/WYqbbp

Pricing.html codepen .io/beh4r/pen/VVJYYJ

Marketing.html codepen .io/beh4r/pen/wQLBaz

Contact.html codepen .io/beh4r/pen/ZmdYGr

It looks like the code is not just copied, but is a bit modified.

In HOME.html padding is 31px 35px.

.navbar ul li a{
font-size: 32px;
padding: 31px 35px;

In SERVICES.html padding is 21px 35px.

.navbar ul li a{
font-size: 32px;
padding: 21px 35px;

That was for testing something and i forgot but that was for padding inside the menus and changed 21px of Services.html to 31px same as Home.html and still the same problem.

I’ve tried many things mate…the only thing that worked is changeing the padding on the .navbar to 11px instead of 1.1px…that made it look exactly like the home page with minor inner spacings differences.

As of why it’s behaving like that…I could not point it out!!

I fixed it by changing padding from 1.1px to 11px in .navbar and by changing padding from 31 to 33px, but still cannot understand why padding changes when the entire code is the same for all pages and I have to add pading in some pages so the code would work.
This problem for now is fixed but if anyone can tell me why this happened so in future I will save a good time by not wasting in padding again, thanks

You have spaces in your links

in which links because i searched and didn’t found any spaces ?