Navbar on mobile not sticky in projects section

Hello everyone…I’m trying to make my portfolio and the problem is the navbar on mobile is sticky but in the projects section it goes behind the cards…I can’t spot where the problem is.Any help would be much appreciated!
portfolio site:
source code:

I’d look into the z-index property.

Thanks a lot.I haven’t been using z-index at all

Updating on the subject,I tried implenting z-index on this as i was not using it at all in my projects and i felt the hell of it…everything breaks because z-index puts navbar on top of everything and i cant press the buttons on the other components or this is what i understand from trying to implement this…Trying to implement z-index on every element of all components would bring more hell i think so is there another way to work around this and if not,how can i check what is the auto z-index of the elements so i can work on it bit by bit?..Thanks in advance

This element

<div className="offmore"></div>

is on top of the card.

I didn’t really try to figure out what you are doing with it, to be honest, but if you set pointer-events: none on it it should allow you to click through it.

.offmore {
    pointer-events: none;

Amazing,that did it…I was using it to make the transition animation for height.I gave this div height: 0 and the onmore div height: 100% to make the transition every time navbar extends and the opposite…I’m sure there are better ways but that’s what came in my mind…Thank’s a lot you’re amazing!!

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