Navbar & sizing issues - Build a Technical Documentation Page

Yeah, I dropped the font size down of the code/pre blocks.

As you say there are no pre/code blocks that are not shrinking that need to, it’s like the text/main/body has a fixed min width but I haven’t intentionally set one or can’t find it in there?

i’m not sure I followed that last message…
I was saying that all the code blocks I saw were either shrunk down or scrolling.
Which size were you testing at and what do you mean by “fixed min width” ?

ps. one other thing you have to fix is your main block styling
you have decided to make it fixed and pushed it 3% from the left but you set the width to be 100% anyway.
Make the width no higher than 97% to account for your positioning.

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Have switched up some of the styling and it is behaving as expected, as suggested I’ve changed how the main block was positioned and some other bits.

It is all behaving as expected.

Running it through the validator I get a parse error on the last semi-colon in the CSS, it is set up the same as the others so not sure what this is about but as I say other than that is all working as expected!

Thank you!!


  1. Error: Parse Error.At line 276, column 2 top: 85%;↩}↩}↩

but it is written as this in the CSS:

@media (max-width:325px) {
  #navbar ul {
    top: 85%;