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My navigation bar is not full length and am setting it to 100% height but is not working. Here is link…

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width: 0; ?
maybe becouse of this?

instead of height: 100% you usually wanna work with viewports.

percentages usually are a bit tricky. When an element is having one it depends on what the height of parent element is with your css.

I’d suggest to use min-height instead of height with viewport height of 100 in your code and you should be fine. This way you’re telling the browser that the minimum height of nav should 100% of its height no matter what.

For more context on this issue I suggest following links:
why viewport height
Why percentages don’t work

Good luck :call_me_hand:

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A quick solution (But not an effective way):
In your JS Code, add = "100vh"; inside the show() function.

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You are missing the colon : between the property and value for the height on .navbar, it should be height: 100%; not height 100%;

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I have already tried using the min-height but still it isn’t working out

Thanks that’s nice correction

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