Navigation bar movement

i have created a nav bar, however i have no clue how to make it move from like portfolio to about and all that, if anyone could help that would be good, i have also searched the web however i couldnt find an answer to my problem

In your navigation link you have used the attribute href="#Portfolio". You have also given the heading of your portfolio section the id #Portfolio. That is why the links are not doing anything right now.

The # symbol in the href stands for id, that is it tells the browser to look for an element with the id Portfolio. But your element has the id #Portfolio. Leave out the # in the id attribute and it should work as intended. Hope that makes sense.

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omg, thank you sooooooo much, you really helped.

another quick question, when i click for it to go to that section it skips the title how do i stop this.

It doesn’t really skip the title, you just can’t see it at the top of the screen because the navbar is overlapping it. There are different ways of dealing with this problem that can be a bit tricky / advanced, but there is a nice article here that might help you:

thank you very much.